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Cut to Length

Our Cut-To-Length offering allows customisation of aluminium sheets and strips to precise dimensions to meet our customers’ needs.


Our years of experience in Slitting, where we process a master coil of metal into narrower strips, ensures we offer slit coil products that meet industry standards.


For customers who need custom-sized pieces of sheet metal, our efficient Shearing service offers them quick turnaround solutions that can be used as their final products or raw materials.

Laser cutting

For those with specific-design needs, our Laser Cutting service uses computer-aided design tools that turn out precise end-products that meet the highest standards of tolerance in the industry.

Coil perforation

For customers in construction and design, our Coil Peforation can provide perforated aluminium products that can be used as design elements and/or visual enhancements for functional elements. Typical applications include equipment screens, partitions, sign panels, parking decks, guards, interior acoustical applications and enclosures of any kind.

Expanded mesh

Our Expanded Metal Mesh products offer clients a strong and rigid mesh grill that can be customised for various gauges, sizes, materials, panels and sheet sizes.

Acoustic perforation

New innovation in metal-perforation technologies has enabled us to provide new products such as Acoustic Perforation, which provide the perfect finish for sound absorption. Applications include architectural and marine walls, ceilings, and noise absorber panel applications and around enclosures for noise control.

Turret punch

For customers who need medium to high volume of series of shapes into sheet material, our Turret Punch service, using our CNC (computer numerical control) turret punching machines, can offer solutions that can also be integrated with our shearing, tapping and forming services.

Coil coating

Our Coil Coating solutions offer our customers pre-painted aluminium coils for roofing applications in a range of colours and surface finishes that are durable and of high quality. Using specially developed alloys, we also ensure that our solutions meet the most demanding construction and design requirements.

PVDF / powder coating

Our PVDF & Powder Coating solutions offer consistent wear-abrasion resistance without chalking or fading. As a more environmentally-friendly solution to emulsion spray-painted products, our PVDF products are considered one of the most durable coatings and can last for years.


Our Anodizing solutions provide customers with one of the most durable surface finishes for aluminium available. These corrosion- and scratch-resistant products can also enhance the aesthetic qualities of any façade or building element.

Polishing and brushing

For clients that require higher gloss or quality finishing on their products, our Polishing, Grinding and Brushing services may be just what you need.

Plasma cutting

Our state-of-the-art CNC (computer numerical control) Plasma Cutting services allow us to provide customers with fast turnaround, especially for thick sheet metal, and is excellent for producing precise and high-quality 2D parts.

Brake press

For customers who need precision or varying bent angles in their products, our decades of experience in Brake Press solutions can help you meet your requirements.

Roll forming

We provide consistent part profile production at economical costs with our Roll Forming solutions. End products or parts such as metal ceilings, ceiling suspension systems, and roofing sheets are just some of what we can offer.


We offer a wide range of Welding solutions of the highest quality for aluminium, steel and stainless steel. We always ensure that we meet the highest standards of quality demanded by our customers.
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